Who we are

Brillo is the first and the only company in Slovenia which specializes in making special and unique footwear for rhythmic gymnastics.

We first started in 2005 in collaboration with Italian clubs, firstly for their members and then for the whole Italian market. Later on, we decided to expand our services to our country as well, due to its growing enthusiasm toward dancing, importance of good posture and healthy lifestyle, which contributes to our well being.

The so-called toe-shoes are hand-made in Slovenia and they are made of quality materials, are unique, comfortable to wear and designed according to your wishes. Their use is versatile as they can be used for various dances, trainings and professional competitions. Based on your wishes, we can decorate them with crystals in various patterns.

The toe-shoes primarily ensure safety and comfort, as they provide optimum grip on any surface and are able to adjust to your foot.

Each client becomes a member of our day-to-day growing family, who is looking forward to your and also our success.

Brillo copatki
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